A Poker Game of Love Alice H Walsh


Not all stories end with a ‘happily-ever-after’, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth telling … Because every romance happens for a reason … Even the most dysfunctional ones …

‘A Poker Game of Love’ is an in-depth look at the assorted humiliations, frequent disappointments and hard-earned triumphs (often at the expense of someone’s downfall) of a group of people in their late 20s, struggling to make it through life. Following the subtle change of roles, expectations and limits in relationships that are far from what they seem at first, the book explores the way people’s darker urges, insecurities, vanity and need for validation dictate and shape their lives.

With wry humour Alice Walsh explores the powerful driving force of female sexuality and the way it can be used to manipulate and subdue. Witness a deep and compelling story of dysfunctionality, promiscuity, emotional unavailability and the ultimate gift of learning to let go and move on from past mistakes.

In a world, where every date is a gamble and every relationship is a poker game of love – one of the players will have to outmanoeuvre all the rest to come out as the undeniable winner at the cost of anything. Because all is fair in love and war…

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