Chronosia and exciting Sci Fi novel from Glen Stripling

This is where I would like to tell you about the science fiction novel Chronosia, a novel I wrote featuring space travel, worm holes, time reversal and mystery.

Author Glen Stripling

I am Glen Stripling. Please spend some time with me and I will show you the main points of the book and the incredible journey I embarked on in my research in writing the novel.

To make the story believable, I had to make sure the science was accurate. So in my study I found the amazing ways on how the universe is put together and how things like black holes take the laws of science to the extreme.


While much of the science is supported by complex mathematics, I believe the general points can be understood by the average individual.

Feel free to tour the site and be sure to order a copy of the novel from Buy Books on the web, for yourself or the sci-fi lover in your family. Read the reviews of the novel

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