Harry Potter Fans Alert – Check out The Legend of the Seeker

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

What do we love about Harry Potter? What made J.K Rowlings books so great?

Harry was kind hearted and humble, he was always willing to put others ahead of himself, he wanted to be loved, and always he sought the truth. He was the kind of person so many of us aspire to be that we can all relate to him. He didn’t seek out glory or fame, and leadership was thrust upon him, yet he he did not shy away, he took up his perilous tasks simply to protect the ones he loved.

If there is one thing that the movies failed at portraying was Harry’s goodness. In particular in the Goblet of Fire when Harry and Sedrick defeat the giant spider. In the movie Harry hesitates saving Sedrick, in the book there was never any doubt. What a failure on the part of the writer and director to miss such an important part of who Harry is.

For those of you longing for another great story about another great character then you need to watch The Legend of the Seeker. The Seeker, Richard, exhibits all those same qualities and gives us a thrilling ride along the way. In a world of magic, fantastic villains (some to rival even Lord Voldemort), dangerous creatures, The seeker and his companions head out on a quest to save the world from evil. Along the way they win hearts and minds because of his goodness and even turn some from the dark side.

The skeptic will be happy to know that we are not plagued with campy dialogue, the effects are excellent, the story lines are fresh and compelling. After the first episode or two you will find it hard to stop until you get to the end. The first two seasons are available on Netflix streaming or DVD.

Season one and season two both give you a completed story arc leaving you satisfied but wanting more. A satisfying balance of love, loss, humor, suspense, action, and adventure, you won’t be disappointed.

Unfortunately ABC did not renew it for a third season, because in typical network fashion they did not adequately promote it and lack the commitment to their viewers to give the show the time to gain the ratings it so richly deserves. But don’t despair, there are tens of thousands of fans who are actively trying to get it back on the air. I am confident that if you watch it you will want to join those ranks and we will succeed.

Here is a link to the online petition http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/LOTS3

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