Un-dead on arrival: Florida store devoted to all things zombie

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    A Florida store is likely the nation’s second store dedicated to zombies, selling zombie wares including severed heads, and blood-spattered table cloths — things that could come in handy for these enthusiasts dressed as zombies taking part in the annual Zombie Walk festival in Prague on June 1, 2013. (REUTERS)

In a town known for Mickey Mouse, this is a first.

A scant 14-or-so miles from Disney World, an Orlando entrepreneur has opened what is likely only the nation’s second store devoted to killing zombies.

The Orlando Sentinel reports the Zombie Survival Store opened in April, and has since been doing brisk business hawking, among other things, gas masks, boots, camouflage clothing, backpacks, ready-to-eat meals and machetes.

“If you like zombies, we got zombie stuff for you,” the store’s owner, Kurt Josephs told the paper.


“Zombies get people excited.”

– Kurt Josephs


Along with Army/Navy surplus, the store reportedly offers a wide and ample selection of zombie kitsch.

Josephs tells the Sentinel his wares include zombie purses, zombie books, zombie caution tape, severed heads, zombie garden gnomes, zombie stickers, blood-spattered table cloths and, of course, zombie candy.

“It’s crazy the stuff they come out with,” said Josephs, who spent six months scouring zombie-themed trade shows and conventions to find suitable stock for his shelves.

Store traffic has typically been a mix of tourists and locals, Josephs told the paper, adding he also sees a steady flow of ex-military, survivalists and Army/Navy surplus enthusiasts come by.

“Zombies get people excited,” Josephs told the Sentinel, citing the numerous recent movies and TV shows dedicated to the topic. “It’s a craze right now.”

The store is reportedly only the second such one in the country devoted to battling the undead.

The Sentinel writes the other – The Zombie Apocalypse Store – is located in Las Vegas.

Click for the story from the Orlando Sentinel.

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